Online One-on-One Training & Nutrition Coaching

Custom Workout Program

A tailored six-week workout plan designed to align with your fitness goals, preferences, and available time and equipment.

Custom Meal Plan

A personalized meal plan that takes into account your nutritional needs, dietary preferences, and goals.

Accountability Check-Ins

Regular check-ins with your coach to discuss progress, challenges, and adjustments to your plan as needed.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Scheduled coaching calls to review your progress, answer questions, and provide guidance for the upcoming month.

Mindset Coaching

Addressing the psychological aspects of fitness, including motivation, goal-setting, and developing a positive mindset for success in and outside the gym.

In-Person Training (Los Angeles)

For clients located in the Los Angeles area, the option of in-person training sessions adds a valuable element to the program.

In-person sessions can offer hands-on guidance, form correction, and real-time adjustments to your workouts.

This option is particularly beneficial for those who prefer direct interaction with a coach, access to specialized equipment, and in the greater Los Angeles area.

Benefits of the Program


The program is customized to your individual needs, ensuring that both your workouts and nutrition plan are aligned with your specific goals and lifestyle.


Regular check-ins, coaching calls, and in-person sessions (if chosen) provide a high level of accountability, helping you stay on track.

Expert Guidance

Having a coach with expertise in both fitness training and nutrition can lead to more effective results and a holistic approach to well-being.


The program’s online components allow you to work out and communicate with your coach at times that suit your schedule, enhancing flexibility.

Balanced Approach

Combining workout plans, nutrition guidance, and mindset coaching fosters a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.